The Process

In reality I’ve never designed a home for anyone; it is always a team effort. It is the collective effort of everyone involved that delivers the best home possible for you and your family. For most of us this is probably the biggest personal investment we will ever make in our lifetime, and the team you choose to create your home will make all the difference. With that said, let me share my personal design process with you.

Step One: Design Phase

The primary goal here is to spend time with you and find out your goals, what you want and need. We talk about lifestyle—how you see yourself living in your home. We talk about your personal tastes and sense of style. The budget is always a big factor: you don’t want to design a home and fall in love with it only to find out you can’t afford to build it. Choosing a builder and working with them while designing a home is a great way to keep the budget in check while you create the home of your dreams. I have a select group of builders that I can refer you to.

After meeting with you, I develop a floor plan and a concept for an elevation. This phase is relatively quick and it only takes a few meetings to review and ‘tweak’ the design.  Generally I work at your pace as this is valuable time to work through all the needs and wants and to come away with a home that is one of a kind and truly an expression of you and your family.

Step Two: Planning Phase

Only after we’re comfortable with our initial design can we proceed to the planning phase. For you this is a relatively quiet time that may test your patience as you anxiously wait for me to finish the plans. I’m very busy converting those basic designs into a full detailed working set of plans with all the exterior views and interior details that constitute a set of construction documents. There will be some review and minor changes but we’re almost finished!

Step Three: Final Phase

We are working out all the last details that need to be on the final plans, taking in all the information from the building inspector, architectural committee for the subdivision, the surveyor, and possibly adding or deleting items due to budget or wants. With this combined information I make the final changes to your home plans, and create your final ready to build plans.


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